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We care about you and your eyes. No one should lose their vision due to eye disease, which is why we work with your specific needs, a network of professionals, and the most advanced equipment to provide you with the best care.

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For a specialized visit, like a Dry Eye Evaluation, Special Testing, or an Rx Check, please call our office to set up an appointment: 815-459-5436


During an eye exam, our optometrists are not only determining the proper prescription for your eyeglasses, but also checking your eyes for common eye diseases. With some simple tests we can detect the early onset of a serious eye illness such as glaucoma. With early detection, your chances of successful treatment are much higher. Our eye doctors will also assess how your eyes work together. Your eyes can be an indicator of your overall health, and our eye doctors will evaluate if there are any non-vision health issues that you should be aware of.

Vision Screening

A vision screening can be helpful but it is by no means a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. Vision screenings are used to help identify those at risk for vision problems and are often performed by a school nurse or volunteer. Even the test conducted by the clerk at the Drivers License Bureau is a form of vision screening. While these efforts can be helpful, they are not conducted by experienced professionals who have the training to detect eye disease.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye examination performed by one of our optometrists involves careful testing of every aspect of your vision. The exam will give the eye doctor enough information to recommend a personal treatment plan. These exams are much more thorough than the simple vision check conducted by family physicians and pediatricians as part of a medical check-up.

Treatment plans can be as simple as recommending eyeglasses or as serious as spotting a need for eye surgery. The point is that only with a comprehensive eye exam can you be sure that your eyes are getting the best treatment available. That is why no matter who you are, annual eye exams are essential to ensure you are seeing clearly and preserving your vision for life.

We are more than willing to discuss our pricing with you if you do not have insurance or your insurance isn’t listed above. Please call our office, we will be happy to work with you: 815-459-5433

Vision Insurance Helps the cost of the Eye exam, Eye care, and Eyewear. We work with your insurance companies in order to maximize your benefits. Some individuals are fortunate enough to have “Routine Vision Insurance” through their employer’s medical coverage policy. Some plans pay toward the optometric eye exam only, others will sometimes pay toward the contact fitting fee and some even pay toward materials.

Questions to ask:

  • Does my insurance plan provide optometric vision benefits and coverage?
  • Can I see the eye doctor of my choice?
  • What does my plan allow?

To verify your vision coverage, we will need:

  • Phone number
  • Group, plan or policy number
  • Social security number (last 4 digits) of the insured Member and patient’s DOB
  • Name of Employer

*Verification of insurance benefits must be completed 24 hours prior to your appointment.

*When you arrive for your appointment we will need a copy of your insurance plan policy card. You will be expected to pay in full the difference in the amount allowed at time of service. If for any reason the insurance company pays less than quoted you will be responsible for any amount unpaid.

Call us today at (815) 459-5433 for any questions/concerns about your eligibility and coverage as well as our insurance plan policies.

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